Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The "Bono Project" - Chasing A Dream

In my last blog, I shared the story of my friend Sheila and I collaborating to create the "New Creation" limited edition piece. About that time I texted her with another crazy idea of mine...

Her response was "EEEEEEK! Girl. Let's dream big and do it. Get me the pic/file/whatever. We have nothing to lose." So, several emails, texts, and decisions later we came up a very special one of a kind piece meant for him. She used a gorgeous cross and Christ charm of an antique rosary that belonged to an Italian immigrant. And on the reverse side of my iris painting, a piece from an vintage song book titled "Mother's Love".  It is truly beautiful!

All along this journey I received encouragement that this was really going to happen. Even on the flight to NY when I shared the crazy idea with my neighbor when asked where I was going, she too said "It's going to happen!".  Saturday, my friend Taffy Jo and I found our way to a place where we thought we may have a chance to meet him. And this happened...

I said something to him something like "This is an image of an iris I painted from my mothers garden." and I told him about the cross and the charm and then showed him the back of the iris where the music is and then I said "My moms favorite flower was the Iris. She passed away this past year." 

He was truly touched and proceeded to take off his hat and handed it to me to hold while he put the necklace around his neck. After he placed his hat back on, I remembered I had a box too and then my hands started to shake nervously as I handed it to him.

In the box were letters Sheila and I had both written to him and my business card. (I included a few photos in my letter, one of my mom and I and told him about her.) He gave my hand a squeeze and moved on. Thank goodness for Taffy Jo! She captured all the photos and was able to tell me more about his reaction and about the hand squeeze because I couldn't remember much of anything. 

I hope to hear something but of course I understand if I don't. I still would love to ship a large painting to him one day. Here's how we shared the news with Sheila...

After Bono came out to say hello, Larry made his way around. He shook hands and said thank you to everyone. I thought that was so kind. And boy what a strong handshake by the way.

And soon after Larry, Edge came around and shook hands. On my way out the door to leave for NYC, I literally at the last minute tossed one of my small egg paintings in my bag just in case I met him. I mean, really? Well, we did meet him and took this selfie.

He was moving so fast, but Taffy Jo somehow managed to get the egg into his hand. You can see it here. I'm sure he was wondering what it was. On the back I had written the title and a scripture and my email address.

What I posted on instagram sums it up best. It's indescribable when you have the opportunity to share your gift with someone who has shared theirs with you for as long as you can remember. Bono was not wearing the iris it at the concert we attended Sunday, but his performance of "Iris" even more moving to me. Here's a video someone else took that night here. I have to be honest, I cried during the entire song. 

I hope the Edge will enjoy the tiny Egg oil painting and that Bono will enjoy the necklace. It sure was a blessing to me to share with them and I hope it blessed them too.