Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Accidents

"Number 12"   4x6   Oil & Frustration

I have been frustrated with the skeleton keys I painted. They are so fascinating and fun to paint, but after I was done they were well...boring. Yesterday I spent over an hour painting an elaborate background on one of them. Crazy. No time to waste. When I was done what I hoped would look like wallpaper looked more like a bad tie from the 70's. Out of sheer frustration, I scraped this color over it. And...I like it! What do you think?


  1. I love this! Is this for sale? I found you through Becky Morlock. I love to paint and create as well!

    1. Hey Lauren! This post was 3 yrs's sold. Let me know if you'd like to commission a piece. Thank you for your comment. Best to you!

    2. Lauren! You won't believe this but I found two key paintings this week! Would love to send them to you. If you are still interested, let me know! Amy

  2. Oh, wow! That's too funny! How much? I'll ask my husband if we can give them a good home?


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