Monday, March 30, 2015

My Top 3 Books for Beginner Artists

We all have them. Books we love that made an impact in our lives and that we tell others about. Here are the 3 books I suggest the most.

1) "If You Want to Walk on Water You've Got to Get Out of The Boat", by John Ortberg
My cousin gave this book to me years ago now. It was a time when I was nervous about putting my artwork "out there" on the market. This book is great for encouraging the reader to take risks and face your fears. You may have guessed it from the title, but the book uses the biblical story of Peter walking on water as an example throughout. Some people never get out of the boat! But like Ortberg says, "You are one step away from the adventure of your life." I love his sense of humor too.

2) "The Creative Call",  by Janice Elsheimer
Whenever I meet someone who says they "used to" paint or put to use any sort of creative gift, I encourage them to just do it! I firmly believe that we each were created with some sort of gift that the world can use or benefit from. Sometimes we've stopped using our gifts because we're too busy or maybe because we were once criticized. This book will help reignite your inspiration and help you work through anything that may be holding you back. It too is a faith based book and has suggested prayers and scriptures throughout. You can work through this alone but I think it's great to share and discuss with friends.

3) "How the World Sees You", by Sally Hogshead
This is a recent find. Sally Hogshead says we were all created "fascinating" and learn to be boring by being told to conform, color in the lines, and do like everyone else does. She says the trick is to un-learn boring! With her advertising expertise and years of experience, she created a test to determine what strengths you have that make you unique. (The book comes with an online access code for taking the test.) Everyone can benefit from this information. She also provides coaching and helpful tips on how to make the most of what makes you fascinating to get the best results for your business. It's a positive approach focusing on your strengths.

How about you? Do you have any books that you find yourself quoting or suggesting more than others? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. If You Want to Walk on Water is in my top 3 all time favorites. You can re-read it at any point in your life and it will speak to you in a totally different way. LOVE books! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    1. I still have the copy with your inscription in it. Obviously I took t to heart. Thanks for pushing me out of my boat!


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