Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Blank Canvas

What to post first? I'm not a journal writer. That surprises some people. After all, I am an "artistic soul" who over thinks and over analyzes as a rule. Maybe that's why I don't journal. I drive myself crazy, so why would anyone else want to read to my ramblings. See? There I go. Ha! Back to the blank canvas... Much like a blank page when you have to write a paper, it can be intimidating. The best though is when you already know what you want to do...when you feel INSPIRED. I pray for inspiration all the time. There is a lot to share right now. It's Spring and it's a busy time for us artists. So much to do, so much to paint, so much to celebrate. But for now, on my first "blog", I will make a promise. I promise I will try to keep it simple. But then again, life is not simple. There I go again....

Meanwhile, check out the 2011 Alabama Wildlife Federation Art Show they just put online here. Gorgeous work! My family and I will be attending the closing reception this Sunday.


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