Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Past Weekend...

Matt and I attended the opening Gala at the Columbus Museum of Art. What an incredible and memorable night! I have 5 paintings there throughout this week (Well, 4 because one sold Friday night!). Here we are standing beside one of them, titled "Love Will Keep Us Together":
And on Sunday, we attended the closing reception for the Alabama Wildlife Federation Flora and Fauna Art Show. Here's a photo of my daughter and I. "Cahaba Lily" won the "Best of Flora Purchase Award". 
I almost didn't share these photos. After all, this blog is going to be about the paintings...but since I mentioned that we were attending this reception, I thought it'd make since to follow that up. More to come...


  1. Congratulations, Amy! It's a beautiful painting. I'm glad you've started a blog. It's a nice way to share paintings and see work from other artists on a daily/weekly basis. And thanks for adding my blog to your list. I'm adding yours to my blog now!

  2. Congratulations Amy. So glad you shared these pictures. Wonderful honor!

  3. Amy, love your blog and your artwork. Hope we can make art together soon. I was a the studio all day today......where does the time go??????


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