Friday, June 26, 2015

New Creation

There is nothing like getting a fun package in the mail. When I found a package from artist Sheila Atchley in my mailbox I could hardly wait to open it! Sheila is a new friend of mine who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

I had been longing for one of Sheila's gorgeous pieces and, after seeing a collection she posted online, an idea came to me. Why not work together on a piece? So I shared this crazy idea of mine with her and she was game! So I sent a piece of my artwork to her and the rest is history as they say...


Don't you love it?! Sheila hand soldered and dreamed up this one of a kind piece of wearable art we titled "New Creation". I love its length and weightiness...and the beading...and the details like the bird and the toggle! The pendent is hung by a removable clasp. Oh, and the reverse side is even special too...

So here's the fun part!

YOU have an opportunity to have one too! Because this is a one of a kind statement piece, it has a hand crafted limited run of only 25. Pictured here is number 1, so there will be only 24 more made! They are priced at $75 (shipping is included).

Like they say, "Act now!" if you would like to have one too! Just click here to order via Sheila's online boutique.

To learn more about Sheila Atchley Designs, visit her website: 

It has been an absolute joy to create and to share this with you!


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