Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Throne of Agony!

Author Sally Hogshead who wrote that wonderful book"How the World Sees You" sent an email newsletter this week that really resonated with me. And here I am. In the very predicament she described. I am in what she calls the "throne of Agony"! Ready to throw in the towel and feeling frustrated and discouraged.


Dr. Hogshead says this is part of a five step process to a creative breakthrough-

1) Possibility  2)Doubt  3)Agony  4)Epiphany  5)Finesse

My friends and I have called it "the ugly phase". It's when you really wrestle with a painting and panic sets in and you question if you are really an artist at all. Really, we do! And we've learned that it's not THAT bad and it really will feel wonderful when we can breakthrough and make something out of a real mess. Ah, finesse! Will this one ever get there?

I'm in a panic because there are deadlines and people waiting on me to create something they will love. Realizing that I should stop for a while, I put the paints away and chose to blog about this "throne of Agony" moment and share a little insight into the studio life with you.

Like Sally Hogshead says, "The Agony is a valuable, healthy, and necessary part of creating anything worthwhile." (And like Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day.")

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